Rackspace [NYSE:RAX]: Perfecting OpenStack

Taylor Rhodes, CEO
In recent years, OpenStack has become a hot topic in the cloud world. Its adoption is constantly growing among enterprises, driven by its flexibility, modularity, cost effectiveness, openness, and vendor-agnostic nature. Since inventing OpenStack in partnership with NASA in 2010, Rackspace [NYSE:RAX] has continued to push the boundaries of OpenStack—helping businesses leverage the power of cloud computing, without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own. Rackspace manages containerized and virtualized applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds by leveraging one standard set of APIs.

Rackspace deploys and operates OpenStack in a fault-tolerant architecture with advanced monitoring, operational tooling, and patching. This approach along with unmatched operational expertise provides customers with unique SLAs including API uptime assurance for public, private, and hybrid clouds and 100 percent network availability for clouds in Rackspace data center. In addition, the firm’s virtual cloud servers are high-performance, reliable servers specifically designed for organizations to help them grow and scale their business quickly and easily. It also allows organizations to work closely with their customers—maximizing response times, while simultaneously meeting security, compliance, and data sovereignty requirements.

Taylor Rhodes, CEO of Rackspace works toward bringing the power of the firm’s private, public, and hybrid cloud portfolio, backed by 24x7x365 Fanatical Support enabling customers to plan, architect, and run their own hybrid cloud environment. “As more and more companies adopt hybrid cloud computing and seek advice on how to get the best performance and cost-efficiencies, our Fanatical Support services will be more valuable than ever—especially as we broaden our technical expertise to enhance support of customers’ complex IT architectures and applications,” states Rhodes.

With best-in-class managed cloud services, Rackspace assists customers in 120 countries, including more than half of the Fortune 100 to adopt private, public, or hybrid cloud that best fits their business needs.

Rackspace deploys and operates OpenStack in a fault-tolerant architecture with advanced monitoring, operational tooling, and patching

In one instance, Inkiru, a provider of predictive intelligence platform, wanted a secure sandbox environment for their customers’ data exploration and build stages. With help from Rackspace’s OpenStack specialists, Inkiru provisioned Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack, enabling data scientists to move their data without recoding and securely build predictive models against full production replicas before seamlessly pushing them to the production environment. “The ability to build these sandboxes in a secure environment that will pass whatever information security audits a bank or a financial institution puts on us was an important factor in choosing Rackspace Private Cloud,” says, Vijay Raghavendra CTO, Inkiru. “We reach out to the Rackspace team quite often. Fanatical Support provides us with a team to handle any glitches we encounter while building out our real Private Cloud environment.”

Forging ahead, Rackspace continues to lead and drive OpenStack innovation. As a driving force behind OpenStack cloud, Rackspace derives unique insights from operating OpenStack at an unmatched scale and utilizes a dedicated engineering team to deliver enhancements in real time. The firm also plans to widen its upstream capabilities for meeting unique customer requisites and helping drive OpenStack forward by contributing these innovations back to the community project. “I believe Rackspace is well-positioned for growth and I’m enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead,” concludes Rhodes.


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Taylor Rhodes, CEO

Helps businesses tap the power of OpenStack and cloud computing without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own