UnitedStack: Democratizing Could-based IT Infrastructure through OpenStack

Hui Cheng, CEO & Founder
OpenStack, an open source cloud-computing platform, is revolutionizing enterprise IT by reducing infrastructure complexity and cost. Though many enterprises want to leverage the ability of OpenStack in transferring their traditional IT systems to cloud, they are faced with scarcity of OpenStack experts, lack of Operation and Management (O&M) capabilities, and other issues. This is where Beijing based UnitedStack comes into the picture with its managed private cloud model that not only helps enterprises deploy a cloud platform, but also provide round-the-clock automated O&M capabilities.

UnitedStack’s reliable platform United OpenStack (UOS), is focused on the elastic computing, distributed block storage, Software Defined Network (SDN) and other IaaS core technologies and competencies. UOS delivers Public Cloud services and Managed Private Cloud services via a unified platform. “This function supports customers to migrate seamlessly between public cloud and managed private cloud with less coding,” remarks says Hui Cheng, CEO and Founder of UnitedStack. “UOS also helps customers deploy a hybrid cloud, and ensure applications and data flow freely and safely on the hybrid cloud platform.”

“OpenStack is in a state of rapid evolution; hence, UnitedStack has been paying close attention to study and acclimatize the latest technological trends of it,” says Hui Cheng. In 2015, OpenStack launched a lot of new projects and initiatives in container, DevOps and SDN network area. “Keeping the latest trends, we have adapted the development model of ‘Upstream First’ which has been helping us to synchronize with the community of OpenStack developers.” At the same time, the company has also delivered new cloud services such as Load Balancing, NAS file sharing, GRE tunnel, OpenVPN, MySQL, Redis, and Object Storage service to their customers. Following the goal of OpenStack “Automate all the things,” Hui Cheng and his team are striving to automate many of the enterprise processes or build APIs to replace any manual step to achieve automation. “We provide complete APIs and configuration services to meet customized needs of our customers,” he asserts.

OpenStack is in a state of rapid evolution; hence, UnitedStack has been paying close attention to study and acclimatize the latest technological trends of it

The differences between UnitedStack and other cloud service providers are reflected in R&D, services delivery, and business model. UOS has been synchronized with the community so that once every six months all the customers can perform NDU (Non- Disruptive Upgrade). UnitedStack also offers continuous O&M and operations management services such as permanent non-disruptive platform upgrade services to ensure that the platform is always leading, and detect real-time fault and abnormal responses.

“Currently, UnitedStack has dozens of managed private cloud customers in China ranging from the internet, energy, finance, manufacturing, and other industries,” adds Hui Cheng. In the energy industry, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd, SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China), has partnered with UnitedStack to migrate their traditional IT infrastructure to cloud infrastructure through UOS. In the manufacturing industry, Midea Group Co., Ltd, electrical appliance manufacturer in China, has been enhancing automation level of the operation and maintenance of IT systems and reducing IT costs with the help of UOS managed cloud platform.

For the days to come, Hui Cheng along with his team wants to further enrich their UOS platform and provide a more powerful support for containers and big data applications. “For open source pioneers in China, this era is the best of times. Chinese government has taken positive attitude to support and promote open source projects. Meanwhile, cloud projects like OpenStack are appealing to a growing number of Chinese customers with unique needs, and we will innovate along this path,” concludes Hui Cheng.


Beijing, China

Hui Cheng, CEO & Founder

UnitedStack is the first Cloud Computing Service Provider based on OpenStack in China market, offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud. It always devotes itself to building united stacks around the world