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David Safaii, CEO
Today, the common method of managing and executing backup and recovery for scale-out architectures such OpenStack are performed by internal scripts. This approach, coupled with a recovery process, requires many resources: time, staff orchestration, validation, quality controls, and maintenance. “With increasingly complex and critical IT environments, companies are looking for ways to fully protect their business, while at the same time providing easier and faster recovery times,” says Murali Balcha, CTO and Co- Founder, Trilio Data. According to Balcha, one of the biggest challenges when deploying OpenStack in an organization is the availability of comprehensive backup and recovery solutions. To mitigate such obstacles, Trilio Data’s Backup Recovery and DR (Disaster Recovery) solution is natively integrated as an OpenStack service and provides data protection and integrity through comprehensive backup and recovery for OpenStack tenants. Whether you are using Trilio’s UI, REST APIs or its’ integration with Horizon, create scheduled-based full or incremental snapshots coupled with retention policies. Trilio’s single-click policy-based point-in-time Environmental Snapshots include the capture of OS, Compute, Network Settings, Security Settings, and the VM images and volumes attached to the VM(s). These snapshots are stored on SWIFT, NFS and/or other 3rd Party storage media such as EMC Isilon and NetApp appliances.

Originally created as an Open Source specification (Project Raksha), the firm focused its efforts on Trilio’s commercialized solution (Trilio Vault) to fulfil the requirements of administrators, cloud architects and Dev Ops who need to meet SLAs. “As database applications are layered onto a maturing customer environment such as NoSQL or MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, the need to have “application awareness” is important in any Backup or Disaster Recovery strategy,” says Balcha. Regardless of scale and expansion or contraction of the OpenStack environment, Trilio Vault takes appropriate snapshot/backups of the entire environment—that consists of the application, compute, network configurations, security groups and storage data as a whole. Unlike traditional vendors who work with single VMs coupled with SAN-based architectures, Trilio’s foundation was built on elastic and flexible cloud-based principles. “The benefits are faster and more reliable recovery, easier migration between Cloud platforms and simplified virtual cloning of the cluster in its entirety,” asserts Balcha.

With increasingly complex and critical IT environments, companies are looking for ways to fully protect their business, while at the same time providing easier and faster recovery times

Trilio’s incremental-forever architecture eliminates large data movements from the capture process. This approach significantly reduces the amount of time required to capture changes made to the production environment, as full backups are no longer required. On talking about Trilio’s Single-Click Recovery' Balcha assures that any backup copy can be restored with one click irrespective of its complexity. The Single-Click process evaluates the target platform and restores the copy once the target platform passes validation successfully. “In addition to Single-Click, Trilio’s Selective Restore feature provides enormous flexibility with the restore process. A user is not limited to same virtualization platform, hypervisors, or network,” says Balcha. “This particularly becomes powerful within Test/Dev environments, thus creating Sandbox-as-a Service. Or, leveraging this capability for Migration needs—VMware to OpenStack.”

Based on such results and performances, Trilio Data has gathered a ground swell of interest from the Fortune 500. Talking about the future and the growth of the OpenStack community, Trilio wants to provide innovative solutions that deliver a right fit in the IT environment. “Scale and distributed solutions that are keenly aware of the application environments are our main focus,” he adds. “As organizations are migrating to more open source, software defined architectures, Trilio, as The OpenStack Business Assurance Platform, will continuously strive to improve and expand its offering to meet the community’s needs.”

Trilio Data

Hopkinton, MA

David Safaii, CEO

Business Assurance Platform providing Data Protection and Integrity through point-in-time Backup, Disaster Recovery, Test/Dev and Migration for Enterprises and Service Providers deploying and managing OpenStack